Collimating Lens


Collimating Lens

Collimating lenses are a type ofoptical lens which permits parallel light to freely enter a spectrometer set up. These particular lenses allow a person to control the field of view, spatial resolution as well as collection efficency of their set up. In addition, collection angles can be easily configured with the Collimating lens.

Collimating lenses can easily be attached to a spectrometer. In addition, most lenses of this kind have an inner barrel built in for special connection types. The inner barrel allows for the user to adjust the overall settings including the focus.

Lenses of this type are available in both single as well as achromatic options. Collimating lenses have a focal length of roughly 10 mm. If a larger diamater lens is needed there are lenses available with a greater focal length. The Collimating lenses with a greater focal length are available as single lenses.

Collimating lenses almost always have a number of distinguishing features which make them unique in itself. The single achromatic lenses as well as the large diameter single lenses have a number of distinguishing features which essentially place them in a class by themselves.

The large diameter single lens is quite suitable for cullimating light at long distances up to 40 feet or more. This lens has a variety of useful and important applications. A large diameter single lens can be used in emission testing.

Single Collimating lenses are used many times for agricultural measurements as well as monitoring. In addition, lenses of this type are frequently used for water quality analysis purposes. These lenses have proven the most accurate for water quality analysis as well as plasma monitoring.

A number of accessories are also available and can be used with almost type of Collimating lens. Collimating lenses can be easily ordered on line and delivered to your home or business.